Steve Mosley

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Mosley provides real world experience in coaching, strategy development,  training management, leadership development, talent management and human capital initiatives. He has worked with all levels of organizations, from the C-suite to entry level positions. Steve has an outcomes-based focus in his facilitation, coaching and consulting practices, designed around helping individuals and organizations get what they are looking for in increased skills, knowledge or effectiveness. He has worked in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Training industries.

Steve has 40 years of professional experience, with responsibilities including Sales, Customer Service, Project Management, Training and Leadership Development. He has helped companies in stages such as start-up situations, fast growth challenges, mature business and downsizing. He has extensive experience in Needs Assessment, Design and Delivery of Training Solutions, Leadership Skills Development, Performance Assessments and Succession Management.

Since founding Upper Right Leadership in 2009, over 70 clients have received training, coaching or consulting services. Steve has personally provided over 1500 hours of coaching and over 1000 training classes or workshops.

Steve received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from Arkansas State University. He is a member of the Society For Human Resource Management, and the American Society of Talent Development. Steve also has various certifications in tools and practices common in the coaching and training professions.

Ulli Munroe

Senior Consulting Partner

Ulli Munroe has conducted training and career development workshops throughout the United States and in Canada.  She has worked with all types of organizations to customize training for employees on many topics, with a reputation for excellent design and facilitation skills.  Ulli has a proven track record in assessing organizational needs and developing solution-based programs through her well-developed presentation skills.

Her successful professional programs include Supervisory/Leadership programs, EEO training for cultural diversity within corporate and municipal/federal government, Myers-Briggs and DiSC, Customer Service, Performance Appraisals, and 360 Feedback to managers of all levels. She also staffed several corporate Employee Development Centers. Industries include defense, finance, healthcare, transportation, utilities, oil, and construction.

Ulli continues to be a guest speaker for conferences and supports the local workforce for their Professional Networking Group and job search classes. She has been on the Board of the Public Education Foundation and Advisory Council for Marion County School Board Principal Leadership Development.  With these organizations, she has conducted board retreats, workshops, and mentoring programs.

Ulli’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas A&M, and a Masters of Science in Education from Old Dominion University. Originating from Vienna, Austria, Ulli is bilingual in English and German.

Robert Greenwood

Senior Consulting Partner

Robert Greenwood is an accomplished organizational consultant and master trainer,

inspirational speaker and effective executive coach. He has worked on a variety of strategic client initiatives with particular emphasis on design, development and implementation of enterprise-wide organizational effectiveness and leadership development. Rob has worked with clients across their global footprints in 20 countries throughout North America, Central America and Europe, as well as Australia, Brazil, China and Singapore.

Prior to consulting, Rob held corporate leadership positions in strategic quality, operations management, technical project management and human resources. Because of his extensive experience, he is equally comfortable in a the boardroom or on the shop floor.