Upper Right Leadership provides business coaching services for incumbent leaders, newly promoted leaders, and high-potential employees.

Our coaching model is based on learning about the needs of our client, and providing a practical, business-focused approach to help them meet current challenges, or tackle new ones. CLICK HERE to see more detail about our coaching model and the structure of the coaching engagement. We use a combination of assessment results and performance data, working with our client to target areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Our process includes creating a development plan, and assisting our client in executing the plan.

We have periodic “buy-in” sessions with the client’s manager, which ensures the client and their leader are in agreement on the development plan and resources needed for success.

Our coaching engagements typically run from 3-4 months in duration, and consist of 5-7 coaching sessions. These sessions are usually 1 hour in length. The coaching can occur in person, or by telephone, depending on the client’s needs. We encourage a telephone engagement to assist our client in managing expense.

We are a member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, the leading body of practicing Business Coaches. CLICK HERE for more about WABC.