Leading Through Change Workshop Comments

My team really appreciated your class yesterday and they are still talking about it today. I have to tell you, I expected them to, they are project managers and business analysts. Terri and Mack’s developers really enjoyed and appreciated it, too. Not that anyone wouldn’t, but they are down in the weeds technical, detailed , “don’t make me do any of that role playing stuff” guys.

So you really hit the mark! You’ve designed a good course that at least in our case spans technical and business personalities. We all appreciated your honesty in talking about the realities of your situation, to which we can all relate, and the focus on the personal aspects of this change.

Thanks so much.
– Karen

Thank you so much for taking time to speak with our IVR group yesterday! I have heard nothing but wonderful things! The staff was so appreciative! I think all employees need to hear your message and hope you will have the opportunity to share. None of us are alone in any of this and that in itself provides comfort, but, I also have great faith and believe all things work together for good.

Thank you once again!
– Terri

I want to Thank You very much for taking the time to come and share with my team and myself, the Dealing with Change Class. I felt it was a very insightful class that offered many thoughts/tools for folks to be acting upon….even if that means to just be thinking about it now instead of later. I have been open with my team (as much as I could be) and have encouraged them to be doing some of these things but felt it would be good for them to also hear about ‘Change’ from a different avenue as well. As you could tell, they have many questions (most are the same ones for the last few months), but it does help the anxiety in some cases to talk about it again. The feedback I have received from my team about the class, has been glowing. They very appreciative of your candor, effective communication, and willingness to come speak with us.

– Kim

Comment on Leader/Manager/Coach Workshop 

I just wanted to formally Thank You for participating in our OKC Leadership Conference. You were so much fun and you did an excellent job on your presentation. Many have mentioned that you’re presentation was their favorite. My only regret is that we didn’t have more time. Maybe, we can do part II sometime in the near future.

Thanks again for sharing.
– Lisa Heatherly

Comments on implementing a comprehensive Leadership Development program at a Fortune 250 Company 

I wanted to give some feedback. I have seen a tremendous difference in our leaders since the Leadership program was announced and have seen incredible results from those that I work closely with that have been through the assessment.

I have heard from a number of people that even the leaders can tell that the program has made an impact on other leaders and in turn is being passed down to the front line employees. I noticed a difference in our leaders as soon as the program was announced (kind of like some employees act before merits!) but I think it is sticking with those that have been through the program.

Wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the Leadership training I have been participating in. The 360 feedback, coaching and training have been limitless. I am proud & excited to work for a company that is internalizing values from which we may all benefit. Admittedly I had some core leader values to work on and am very pleased to say I am receiving positive feedback and results.

Comments on Coaching Skills 

Steve Mosley was my “executive coach” of sorts as I began my transition from Army Officer to corporate executive. We both started from the ground floor in developing a leadership development program from scratch here at Alltel. His guidance and patient teaching of the “ways of the corporate world” were the main reasons we were successful. He is the epitome of a coach in every respect.

When we first started to design them implement our program, we had several naysayers and my first instinct we to just roll over them to get the program going. Steve’s advice and guidance was to try to gain their support in several subtle ways and his guidance proved to be extremely effective. His humble approach to his coaching makes him very easy to open up to and his advice is always couched in a positive way that makes you want to listen to him. He is a remarkable coach and I would not have been successful without him.

If my son were to come into the corporate world I would hand pick Steve to be his coach.

– Steve D. – SESI

I took on a new role within Alltel at the beginning of 2008. This role works closely with Steve’s executive team. Through our discussions and coaching, I was able to understand their priorities and style of leadership to more effectively introduce my proposals to them. One item in particular was designing a new class for our leadership team. Steve and I worked on this class together with one of our vendors. Steve coached me through the process as this was my first time helping create this type of class. Steve started by asking questions the led me down the path of creating the outline and then continued with the questions to create the content. Once the content was created, it was presented to the executives for approval. Through his coaching, the presentation stayed focused on how this fit in with the priorities of the executives and the company. The class was approved.

Steve has truly paid it forward through his coaching style. This style is one of questioning and leading not directing.

– Kara S. – Verizon Wireless

Steve’ charisma and can do attitude was the perfect fit for launching and developing a leadership development program at Alltel. His knowledge of the culture, experience as a training director, and the unique skills he brings to the table as communicator allowed a program to blossom and develop. Many times I witnessed Steve open his door to those in leadership roles to help coach them with either professional or personal concerns and they kept coming back. The program he helped develop and guide is an example of leadership best practices acknowledged by different cohorts around the country. While investing in our leadership and spending many man hours on development, our company, through the birth of the leadership development program, saw quarter over quarter growth milestones from 2005 through 2008.

– Marc F. – Alltel

I completed a 360 survey at the company where I am employed. We do not have formal coaching resources for my level of the organization, so I requested Steve Mosley counsel me on the feedback and ratings I received. I respected his coaching and leadership skills when I worked in his organization. I also knew he had spent the past two years coaching and developing managers at Alltel in a very successful leadership program. I trust Steve’s instincts and his ability to guide thought processes to positively address work and personal relationships. We scheduled time to review my survey results and he walked me through my ratings to help me determine potential developmental gaps identified among my colleagues, direct reports, and manager. Steve was open, honest and insightful.

Because of his coaching session, I feel better prepared to have constructive dialog with peers and co-workers to help define examples where I can develop my leadership skills.

– Jody D. – Windstream

I have been a training and coaching partner with Steve since August of 2005. We have co-built and delivered several leadership development programs, including a senior level leadership program for the top 80 people of a Fortune 300 company and a coaching program for approximately 300 operational-level leaders. Additionally, we have partnered to deliver leadership training that includes teaching leaders to be coaches as part of a coaching culture. Marshall Goldsmith was the keynote speaker in this program.

A key component of all of these programs was an evaluation of individual and business results. For example: interviews were conducted with the 300 operational leaders after the participation in a telephone coaching program. In addition, two surveys were conducted at the end of the program and in six months of the end of the program. These surveys were conducted to determine the sustainability of the business results. Interviews showed that leaders saw immediate improvements in building relationships, becoming more assertive, and influencing more effectively to drive outcomes. The six month post survey demonstrated that these results were sustained as rated by their stakeholders (e.g., direct reports, managers, peers, and others). This work, directed by Steve, myself, and team, has been presented at The Conference Board, has become part of a dissertation to be published, and will be part of a Harvard symposium highlighting novel research. On an individual level, Steve has helped coach leaders who have sought his guidance in his role as Director of Leadership Development and as part of the Coaching Partnership model at Alltel.

I recommend him highly and without reservation.

In addition to the programs highlighted above, Steve provided one on one guidance to coaches and business leaders in the advanced development program for high potentials in 2007-2008. The retention of these individuals has proven critical in the industry, including record setting quarterly numbers. These high potential leaders are responsible for driving these numbers.

Steve has the ability to connect with high potential leaders in a way that is non-threatening but credible to help produce a better business result

– Karen S. – Leadership Futures

Consulting Services 

Your participation in our meetings the past couple of years has truly made a difference in the evolution of each of us into more effective leaders. The content of your presentation is always so meaningful, but it is your delivery and enthusiasm that make them the highlight of every meeting!”

– Kris Area President, Alltel

“Steve is an outstanding leader and mentor. I have been extremely fortunate to attend many training sessions Steve lead related to leadership development. Steve has a natural talent to captivate his audience. Steve maintains excellent communication skills and utilizes this talent to teach and inspire employees how to achieve superior performance results with strong leadership skills. Steve was instrumental in transforming Alltel’s culture. Alltel went from focusing strictly on results to focusing on leadership while achieving results. The change in culture not only increased performance results to an all time high, but increased employee satisfaction. I highly recommend Steve and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

– Brandy Director, Alltel

“Steve is a master at fostering and nurturing corporate leaders. I have worked indirectly with Steve for many years and have seen programs he was involved in create an industry standard for ethical and powerful leadership teams. Always positive, always professional, Steve is a world-class leader.”

– Matthew, MBA

“I have had several occasions to hear Steve deliver, train and discuss leadership theory and company core values. His delivery has been very effective and valuable in training and coaching our field leaders to become more effective and productive through growing their leadership skills.

– Greg, VP Retail-Sales-Operations