Upper Right Leadership offers a wide array of management consulting services to help our clients reach key strategic and management goals.

We have particular expertise is designing and conducting Strategy sessions at the Board and Senior Management levels in organizations. We can provide everything from Key Objectives, to Agenda Design, Facilitating the sessions, and providing a comprehensive Report of the Outcomes and Action Items.

We also have a core competency in working with organizations in Talent Management projects. Beginning with Performance Management, we offer assistance in several ways to help you get the most from your tools and processes.

We help you evaluate how well your performance appraisals are aligned with your business goals and objectives. We offer assistance in linking leader behaviors with your performance appraisals, so that your leaders are evaluated not just on WHAT they accomplish, but HOW they accomplished it. We help you set objectives as part of your process with regular follow-up on progress against the objectives. In this way performance discussions are ongoing not just an annual conversation.

We also work with you to make sure your performance appraisals are integrated with succession planning. We help you ensure how you measure performance is tightly coupled with your process for promotions and successors. Combined with your process for promotions and successors, we work with you to make sure your performance appraisals are integrated with succession planning.

We train your leadership team to use performance management as a powerful coaching tool, allowing your organization to be even more productive.

Contact us if you are looking to make your performance management process more effective, driving results and recognizing the efforts of your employees.

Succession Planning is another key area of our Consulting services.

Rewarding and retaining talent in your organization is a key business objective. One of the best strategies in this effort is to employ a comprehensive succession planning process that is viewed as logical, fair and objective by your employees.

Good succession planning programs have the following characteristics:

  • Identify and develop leaders for critical positions
  • Leverage the investment made in people
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the ones you consider “game changers”
  • Create and maintain a “high-potential” candidate pool
  • Improve efficiency and speed of selection of candidates for promotion
  • Shorten the learning curve and time to proficiency for a promoted employee
  • Provide the organization greater knowledge of bench strength
  • Decrease management time away from running the business

Upper Right Leadership can help evaluate your current succession planning practices to make sure they allow you to achieve the benefits described above. If you want to begin a succession planning process, we can help you design and implement a “best-practice” approach, or evaluate and improve your current process.